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Golf and Cards, a match made in heaven!

Enjoy the game of golf with cards today! Perfect for:

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  • 2 - 4 Players
  • Play against your family/friends, or computer robots
  • High resolution card designs
  • Optimized for iOS 5+
  • Keep track of your 20 highest winning scores
  • Intuitive drag and drop controls
  • And much more!
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9 Holes is based on the rules of 8 card golf that can be found here or here. We have modified the game and customized it from these rules, but the basic set of rules is the same. Come back soon for more detailed rules specific to 9 Holes.


9 Holes was the brain child of Dave Francis, President of CloudApp IT, LLC. Dave has been a developer for a local benefits company for 5 years and has always had an excitement about technology. As a summer intern in Las Vegas, Dave learned to love all thing Apple and was greatly affected by the Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field. As he watched Mr. Jobs announce the features of the next major operating system, OSX Leopard, Dave decided that Macs were just too cool not to learn to develop on them. Although marraige and other distractions (very welcome distractions) have prevented Dave from delving into the development world of iOS and Macs before now, he is as excited as ever and has thoroughly enjoyed creating 9 Holes.


As mentioned above, Dave Francis was recently married to the love of his life, Chelsea Francis. During courtship and after marriage, Dave and Chelsea have spent countless hours playing board games and card games. Recently, a card game that reselmbles the game of Golf that is played with playing cards has taken over at the Francis home. Every opportunity she gets, Chelsea gets out the deck of cards and beggs Dave to play. Dave is a horrible shuffler of cards, and Chelsea was getting tired of always shuffling the deck after every hole of golf. That's when the idea struck. Why should one always have to shuffle the cards? Why not just make your phone do it? Afterall, your phone can do pretty much anything these days. Thus 9 Holes was born.


CloudApp IT, LLC was formed in December of 2010 by Dave & Chelsea Francis with the help of Dave's brothers, Mike and Chris. Most recently we have added the talents of Chelsea's brother, Andrew Allison, to our team. Over the years, all 5 of these indivuduals have been involved in many different fields relating to the business world. Whether it be markenting, finance, sales, auditing, graphic design or technical side of business, they felt as if they had gained some useful knowledge over the years. They created this company as an avenue to share and market this knowledge with the masses. CloudApp IT, LLC is in the business of technology and using technology to create fun and interesting software. Check out for more information.